• Your search is over,
    join the HYDAC family!

  • Your search is over,
    join the HYDAC family!

Working for HYDAC

Recruit and Retain

At HYDAC we pride ourselves on recruiting and retaining the best people in our industry.


We achieve this by offering the following to our employees:


Attractive Packages

Positive Work Environment


Employee Interaction

Team Building


We aim to improve our teams by investing in their futures and ensuring we give them the best opportunites to reach their potential.


We achieve this through:




Induction Programmes


Internal Communication

Promoting Wellbeing

Our Values

Be Safe

We ensure that everything we do is conducted in a safe manner.

Embrace & Drive Change

We encourage our employees to challenge old or outdated processes and structures. If something needs changing... Change it!

Be Open Minded, Outgoing & Creative

We believe our employees should not be afraid to try new things and create new ways in which they work.

Promote Growth & Learning

We believe it is important to always strive to grow. Not just for professional advancement, but also personal growth.

Build Open & Honest Relationships with Communication

HYDAC encourages its employees to communicate throughout the company - across all departments, levels and countries. This helps develop the family spirit!

Build a Family Team Spirit

We all look out for colleagues and have fun working together.

Be Passionate & Determined

Our employees don't settle for second best. If they experience setbacks, they strive to improve and simply try again.



Sam Keating, Laboratory Manager

"I joined Hydac in 2013 as a Trainee Laboratory Technician, becoming a member of the Fluid Care Department and working predominantly in the lab. Since then I have learnt more about condition monitoring, and the role it plays in the world of hydraulics, than I thought possible. I’ve developed professionally to the stage where I am now Laboratory Manager, having been given complete control over the day-to-day running of our excellent laboratory facilities. This progression, accompanied with a wide range of travel experiences and training opportunities, has also made me a more confident person. Hydac provides everything you need to grow as a professional and as a person.”


Photo: Sam (right)

Jade Fry, Offshore Sales Specialist

"I’ve now worked at Hydac for 11 years. When I first started at Hydac I was new to the world of hydraulics, but Hydac has given me great training and understanding to be able to fulfil my job and become a Sales Specialist. As Hydac is a worldwide company I have also been very lucky to visit some of the other branches, which has given me a great outlook on how the company all works together to succeed."


Photo: Jade (left) with the Offshore Filtration Team

Tobias Daley, Fluid Care Division Manager

"HYDAC is a great place for professionals to develop a career, they supported me and allowed me to grow from an apprentice when I started 15 years ago, to division manager I am today. HYDAC encourage me to continue this path and improve my skills to not only develop myself but my role in the company. HYDAC give you the tools to be successful."


Photo: Tobias (right) with the Fluid Care Team

Current Vacancies

To apply for any of our current opportunities, please send an electronic copy of your CV to recruitment@hydac.co.uk